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Marine Muscle: Bulk? Burn? Or Brute?

Remember bodybuilding is not just a mindless task of lifting as heavy as you can and stuffing in as much protein as you can; there is a whole lot more to it. Bodybuilding is a well-crafted and strategic art of training your body with the right exercise plan and nutrient intake to intentionally drive your growth towards a particular heading. A particular heading leading you to a particular pattern of growth to achieve a particular physical built and look.

Bear in mind, that not a single aspect of bodybuilding is random, every minute detailing is achieved by precise and disciplined planning. Hence, before you take your first step of bodybuilding it is elemental that in your head you have sorted out, what exactly do you want out of bodybuilding.

Do you want to bulk for a physique built with intensely monumental muscle mass, to appear elephantine huge? Do you want to burn down every last bit of fat from your body and comprise solely, of minutely detailed and carved lean muscular look? Or is it a built of brute strength, might and muscle that you want?