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Trenbolone Acetate is the big daddy of all anabolic steroids. This steroid is the most versatile drug with equally impressive potency and power. The chemical traits of Trenbolone is very much similar to that of Deca-Durabolin, only a lot more potent, effective and powerful in its benefits.

Trenbolone exhibits beneficial traits that are carried by a wide range of anabolic drugs, ranging from protein synthesis, to nitrogen retention to an enhanced metabolism rate, higher RBC count, high levels of recovery, increased strength and endurance, rejuvenation of all kinds of body cells, controlling Glucocorticoid hormones and finally its exclusive ability to promote a high nutrient efficiency.

Trenbolone by many athletes is considered the all round anabolic steroid. With a wide range of unnaturally powerful benefits in its arsenal, Trenbolone is without doubt the one man army steroid; but have no doubt, that similar to other anabolic steroids this big boy comes with an unhealthy number of shortcomings and side effects as well.

Never ever think that these monumental benefits come free at cost, they come with monumental side effects as well. Higher the benefits, higher the side effects.

Trenbolone contains benefits of almost all other anabolic steroids, similarly it exhibits the side effects of most other anabolic steroids. Further there are benefits that are exclusive to Trenbolone, parallel to it, Trenbolone has unique side effects as well.

Common Side effects

  • Mood issues with unnatural aggression and anxiety
  • Loss of libido
  • Decreased testosterone
  • Hair loss
  • Gynecomastia ( Man boobs )
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Allergic reactions
  • Insomnia
  • Liver damage
  • Skin texture, colour alteration
  • Acne
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Side effects unique to Tren:

Increased perspiration: Though not life threatening, still shouldn't overlook the fact of inconvenience and the irritation it causes. In addition to it, over sweating could cause cases of dehydration.

Insomnia: Though this side effect can be found in other steroids as well but it is a characteristic side effect of Tren. Further the insomnia in case of Trenbolone usage is way more severe than the ones faced by the usage of other steroids. In case of Trenbolone usage it is so certain to have insomnia that the phenomenon has been colloquially termed as "Trensomnia."

Tren-cough: A coughing fit experienced by the user immediately after injecting the serum. This coughing fit can vary in its intensity.

Trenorol: A tamed beast

Trenorol Pills

Crazybulk hands you down yet another effective natural alternative, Trenorol, for one of the most popular anabolic steroid Trenbolone. Trenorol mimics the benefits of Trenbolone with a neat perfection, whilst eliminating the side effects.

Trenorol like its steroid counterpart will give you significant all round benefits with effective results in bulking, cutting and gaining strength when combined with appropriate diet and workout.

Trenorol is indeed a beast of a supplement like its anabolic counterpart Trenbolone; but a tamed beast. Unlike Trenbolone, Trenorol won't go all berserk on you with its side effects, Trenorol will calmly stay under your control, never intending to harm you in any way.

Crazybulk manufactures this product in FDA approved facilities, using only natural ingredients that when blended into one single capsule, exhibits the exact same effects to that of the compound Trenbolone Acetate.

Usage of only natural ingredients make this product 100% safe and natural and unlike Trenbolone completely legal consequent to which its availability remain needless of prescription.


  • Works for Cutting, bulking and strength gain
  • Superior Muscle mass gain
  • Strong, hard and enduring muscles
  • Burn only fat and not lean muscle tissues
  • Massive strength and stamina
  • Peak of physical conditioning
  • Amazing vascularity
  • Enhanced recovery and healing
  • Safe and Legal
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • No needles
  • No prescription required
  • Buy 2 and Get 1 free
  • Fast results within 30 days
  • Free world wide delivery

For the love of Trenorol:

Versatility and effectiveness rule the benefits of Trenorol. Mass gain, lean mass, bulking, cutting, strength, you name it and Trenorol has it.

Trenorol caters to an all round need of bodybuilding. A greater protein sysnthesis for a superior mass gain. A higher nitrogen retention for quality muscle gain, with ultra durability and fast recovery of muscle tissues. An enhanced metabolism to accelerate your cutting phase, an increased RBC count in your blood to shoot up your strength and energy levels, reduced water retention to keep your muscle mass pure.

Trenorol comes with massive range of benefits but with absolutely zero adverse side effects. This product is beautifully crafted with a natural and potent blend of safe ingredients that team up to keep the side effects at bay. Each ingredient mimics each benefit of Trenbolone, but being natural they pose no threat to your health at all.


Ingredients Substance Benefits How it works
Beta Sitosterol Found in plants. Also known as plant sterol ester. Used in medicines. Found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Growth of muscle tissue alongwith overall bodily growth. Used in medicines for treating and preventing Treating heart disease, High cholesterol levels, low Immunity, colon cancer, gallstone, influenza, asthma, migraine, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV/AIDS, Tubercolosis and chronic fatigue syndrome
Nettle Leaf Extract Nettle leaf also known as stinging nettle is a medicinal plant native to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and Western North America. Benefits your body with anti-inflammatory traits Makes your bones strong, Iron rich, improved blood flow, helps a hard and intense workout session Treats urination problems, enlarged prostate, joint pains, kidney stones, allergies, hayfever, internal bleeding, anemia, organ inflammation, diabetes, diarrhea, asthma, lung congestion, rash, eczema.
Pepsin An enzyme to breakdown protein Protein synthesis Helps in digestion and cures stomach disorder
Samento Inner Bark

Medicinal Plant, ranked seventh most popular medicinal plant in U.S

Build muscle and burn fat Treats gastric disorder, digestion disorders, fatigue related problems, stomach ulcer, dysentery, gonorrhea, Alzheimer's disease

These natural ingredients blended finely into a singular capsule not only perfectly replicates the benefits of Trenbolone without side effects but at the same time offers relief to certain other bodily issues such as, stomach disorders, liver disorders, cardiovascular disorders, organ inflammation, low immunity, enlarged prostate, high blood sugar levels, lung diseases, skin rash, etc.

Hence, Trenorol not only eliminates the side effects of Trenbolone but also barricades your body from facing those disorders in general. For an instance, Trenbolone can cause cardiovascualr disorders on extensive usage. Now what Trenorol does is that it not only eliminates the threat of having cardiovascular disorder as an side effect, but also prepares your body to fight cardiovascular diseases if incubated from any other source.

What are the Benefits of Trenorol ?

High protein synthesis: Proteins are the building blocks of your muscle. A higher rate of protein Synthesis will promote a speedy muscle gain and muscle recovery.

Increased nitrogen retention: A huge chunk of your muscle mass contains nitrogen, hence retaining greater deal of nitrogen will keep you more anabolic like, preserve the quality of your muscle for a greater duration and trigger a fast recovery of your muscle tissues.

Increased RBC count: A higher RBC count will pull up the bloody oxygen levels, which in turn will offer you immense strength and energy

A fast working metabolism: An enhanced metabolism will work as the much needed fat burner and energy reservoir whilst your cutting phase. A high metabolism rate is effective to your bulking phase as well, as it will support a high calorie diet without gaining the extra fat.

No aromatization: Aromatizing has a very deadly effect on muscles. Muscle loss through burning of muscle by aromatization is often a huge issue with other anabolic steroids. Trenorol on the other had cuts short on aromatization, leading to longer perseverance of muscles through a completely toned down level of muscle burning.

Reduced water retention: This is another issue with many other anabolic steroids. Trenorol reduces water retention to prevent you from bloating. excessive water retention adds false weight to your body. Water retention gives you a bulking which is not by healthy muscle tissue growth but by unnatural bloating. Hence, the purity of your mass gain remains high with a reduced water retention.

A controlled production of glucocorticoid hormones: The hormones have an affinity to promote fat gain and destroy muscles. These hormones are also known as stress hormones, as they promote a mental well-being; consequent to which the production of these hormones remain to be a must for your body. Trenorol however, keeps a control on the production of these hormones, by never allowing an abundant production. This particular trait of Trenorol is very beneficial during the bulking phase, as you will be allowed to have a high calorie diet without the fear of fat gain and muscle burn. This trait of Trenorol compliments the trait of high metabolism very effectively.

Nutrient efficient: An exclusive benefit to Trenorol is an increased nutrient efficiency for your body. As far as your diet is concerned what matters more than the nutrients in your diet is the amount of nutrients your body is able to squeeze out of your diet. You might be stacking up your diet very cleverly with a variety of nutrients but you constantly fail to see results. Well this could be because though you are providing your body with a lot of nutrients, your body is lacking the ability to utilize these nutrients you are providing it with. And this ability of your body to make use of the nutrients in your diet efficiently is commonly known as nutrient efficiency of your body. Trenorol increases this nutrient efficiency of your body to help your body a better use of the diet your are nourishing it with.

Cost effective: Comes at only $61.99 per bottle, that will last you a month. And for every 2nd product the 3rd one being absolutely free. Trenorol is extremely cost efficient and way cheaper to its anabolic counterpart Trenbolone.

Easy to use: No injection, No needles. Crazybulk has packed in the benefits of Trenbolone into optimum simplicity - A singular capsule!

Safe and natural: With 100% natural ingredients Trenorol is completely safe and renders you with no side effects whatsoever.

Legal and No prescriptions required: Trenorol has all natural ingredients and no banned ingredients. Hence, it is totally legal and is readily available to you even without prescriptions.

Free worldwide Delivery

Rapid results within 30 days

Bulking! Cutting! And strength!

The effects of Trenorol falls nothing short of a miracle.


During the cutting phase Trenorol clearly dominates any other supplementary product on the market. Preserving lean tissue is absolutely effective when it comes to this product. During you cutting period if your fat is lost but your lean muscles are not preserved then your whole diet goes down the drain, hence it is crucial that you burn fat as well as preserve your lean mass.

When our body goes through the cutting phase it goes through a rigorous and exhausting energy regime as well as a low calorie diet, this puts our body into starvation protection mode. Under such circumstances in order to survive our body naturally starts to burn body fat and lean mass tissues to generate more and more of energy.

For a diet to be a success it is ideal that the body burns only the stored fat, but under natural circumstances our body fails to draw this line and burns lean muscle tissue as well. This results in muscle mass loss.

Trenorol doesn't allow this to happen. It protect your body against muscle mass loss and makes sure whilst dieting your body burns only your stored fat to generate energy, consequently preserving your lean muscle tissues.

Trenorol is also superior than any other supplement in conditioning your lean muscle tissues and making them harder, vascular and enduring. When it comes to cutting Trenorol deliver effects that can even outmatch supplement stacking.


Trenorol is also an excellent off-season bulking supplement. Trenorol having similar bulking effects to Deca-Duro ( only far stronger ) is a very wise choice for off-season bulking. Trenorol promotes a very safe, enduring and lasting mass gain. The mass gain effects are not just strong but also very potent and pure.

Trenorol doesn't know how to retain water. Hence, It will not retain water. Effectively every kilo of weight gained through this supplement will be of pure lean mass muscle. A high metabolism rate will cut fat as sharp as a sword, this is another plus point when it comes off-season bulking.

A high calorie diet will always have a high risk of fat gaining, but Trenorol won't that happen. When an off-season bulking diet combined With Trenorol, you gain a far less fat than you would have without it.


Your muscular endurance is enhanced as well. with almost superhuman muscular endurance, you can lift heavier and longer in the gym. Your muscles will be capable of taking on a heavier work load without tiring as it used to before.

This is particularly because with high protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and RBC count, Trenorol promotes a fast and effective recovery. Now as hard as it is digest, the fact is the core progress of bodybuilding is not made during the workout but during the recovery period.

Your training tears and breaks down your tissue, and then when it heals it brings with it the results. Thus with superior recovery effects Trenorol is marvelously effective.

Trenorol also acts as a champion strength booster. Generally during a calorie deficit diet the strength falls significantly but with usage of Trenorol even during a calorie deficit diet, your strength might not shoot off the charts but it won't fall below the optimal level, leaving you with sufficient strength to survive your exhausting training regime.

How to Use Trenorol ?

  • 3 capsules Per day
  • 30 capsules per bottle
  • 3 capsules with water approx. 15 minutes after your workout
  • Use minimum for 2 months, further extend with 1.5 weeks off.

What is the Price of Trenorol ?

Trenorol the most versatile and effective cutting, bulking and strength gain supplement @ only ( retail $85.00 ) $61.99 per bottle. Completely Safe & Natural. 100% legal. No needles. No prescription. Free worldwide delivery. Buy 2 and get 1 free!

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