Drill Master: Your ultimate bulking and strength trainer.

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Drill Master by Marine Muscle is a legal steroid supplement acting as a top rank alternative to anabolic steroid Dianabol, to train your body to the zenith of physical conditioning with top shelve bulking and strength benefits.

Excessive water retention, muscle tissue wastage, inconsistent mass gain, physical exhaustion, joint pains, fat gain and faltering focus and drive are among several obstacles faced during your bulking and strength gaining phase.

Marine muscle's Drill master trains you and hardens your body and spirit to reach your maximum endurance level with effective mass and strength gain. At the pinnacle of your mental and physical conditioning you find yourself knocking down every body building barrier with utmost ease.

Bulking and strength gain cycles of bodybuilding will demand of you a serious weight training alongwith high calorie diet and quality nutrient intake. Now it is critical to note that the external efforts you invest on your body is well matched by the utility and efficiency capacity of your body.

Now with these measures will come certain difficulties that your body will need to deal with, if not dealt aptly, your benefits will remain due in effect. For instance through your diet you'll provide your body with a greater deal of nutrients like protein and calcium but your body must have the efficiency to utilize these nutrients, otherwise the nutrients simply go to waste.

Further the weight you gain will last longer when there is a reduced level of water retention. When you bulk up primarily with lean muscle tissue, you will find it easier to hold on to your gained shape and size.

Whilst administering a high calorie diet, fat gain will pose a major threat to your efforts; muscular is your target and not obese. Hence, throughout the bulking phase your body must be equipped with sufficient means to prevent and burn as much fat as possible. An increased metabolism will come critical at this point.

Your exhausting exercise regime will ask of you an immense amount of energy, sure you'll have an energy reservoir when your body is going through a cranked up metabolism, but be wary of what your body is burning to squeeze out the required energy. Your body's metabolism must be redirected to burn fat and fat only, and by no means protein (the building blocks of your muscles,) to preserve your lean muscle tissues.

Your muscle tissues are majorly comprised of nitrogen, hence a higher availability of nitrogen will ensure a superior muscle repair and maintenance. Effectively, Nitrogen rich diet will be a focus in your bulking diet, but then again, by natural order your body is not wired in a way to retain nitrogen beyond a certain limit. For best bulking results your body must be told and trained to retain a greater amount of nitrogen than usual.

Heavy weight lifting during your bulking and strength cycle will take its toll on your body, it will render you with joint pains and injuries. Here again your body needs training in quick healing, so that you can be up and ready for your next exercise routine.

In order to create something new, one must bring down the old. You will grow new, healthier and stronger muscle tissues by destroying the existing weak ones. During your exercise regime, your body will go through wear and tear of existing muscles. Later, when you rest you recover and through this very recovery process you grow new, healthy and strong muscle tissues. This is precisely why your body will need training in an efficient and fast acting recovery.

Last but not the least, an effective execution of a strict and disciplined exercise and diet plan will call for an unyielding perseverance, will, focus and drive. To accommodate all these traits you will need to train your mind, hardwiring it with-iron forged stability.

Dianabol ofcourse can prove to be very forceful and impactful trainer, but will fail to show leniency and consideration where leniency and consideration are due. Dianabol will force your body to push beyond its level of tolerance to achieve sky-high benefits, but resulting in malfunctioning of bodily organs in the long run.

Dianabol values short term quick outcomes beyond all. Dianabol in lieu of squeezing the maximum bodybuilding gains will completely neglect the health hazards incurred by your body. Drill Master however will prove to be a trainer with measured balance between leniency and strictness.

Drill Master will push your body to its maximum limit to derive the maximum possible bodybuilding gains, but never force your body to exert beyond its natural level of tolerance. Further, Drill master being an utmost caring trainer, will tend to and heal your bodybuilding injuries and wear and tears. With Drill master to guide you through your bodybuilding efforts, you gain maximum muscle mass and strength gain through safest possible means.

Dianabol enforces a whiplash effect on your bodily functions causing over-exploitation, whilst Drill Master ensures you maximum gain whilst keeping you physically and mentally tip-top.

Dianabol Side-Effects:

  • Cranked up heart rate, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Endangers your liver health with possibilities of Liver cancer.
  • Gynecomastia: Man boobs.
  • Constructs blockade against hair growth.
  • Upsurge of pimples.
  • Malfunction of reproductive system characterized with loss of libido, infertility, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders.
  • Downgrading of muscle tone.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Excessive fat gain.
  • Prostate enlargement.
  • Unstable state of mind characterized with anxiety, aggression, depression, change of personality and insomnia.